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We like to offer the widest choice of event spaces to our clients whilst delivering the quality of service that our guests have come to expect from our experienced team. To achieve this, we have selected a variety of outside venues to suit all the requirements and wishes you may have. Above all we offer the perfect combination: the ideal venue and Penha Longa Catering’s level of excellence.


The largest Palace available for events in the capital, Palace of Xabregas is located to the east of Lisbon city centre and is one of the greatest icons of Portuguese History. It was built by the famous Portuguese sailor and aristocrat, Tristão da Cunha at the end of the 16th Century. The Palace was once the official residence of the Portuguese Royal family and is one of the few remaining buildings that resisted the 1755 earthquake, which destroyed the entire city.

In addition to offering stylish ballrooms and meeting rooms, the Palace is adorned with beautiful paintings and artwork and has one of the largest private collections of tiles in Portugal. It also houses an internal covered patio which can accommodate up to 670 guests. In total, the Palace can cater for up to 1150 guests.


Glamorously located in the heart of Estoril overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Forte da Cruz is a truly enchanting waterfront venue. Ideal for all type of events, this charming 17th century castle can cater for up to 110 guests indoors and up to 500 on the magnificent terrace facing the picturesque Tamariz Beach.

With its privileged location, Romantic architecture, and stunning sea views, Forte da Cruz has become a landmark and reference point for the resort town of Estoril.


Villa Tamariz Utopia, located in the exquisite area of Estoril, redefines the quintessential beach getaway with a fresh modern concept of “barefoot elegance.” A unique oasis, Villa Tamariz Utopia welcomes visitors with dazzling ocean views and offers infinite opportunities for true enjoyment and relaxation. Immerse yourself in the elegantly restyled Villa with a light meal or drink at our Beach Lounge Bar & Terrace, or enjoy a more intimate meal at our Seafood inspired Restaurant.

In addition to the main dining room and spacious outdoor terrace, a second floor space for more private gatherings is also available. This versatile venue is perfect for beachfront weddings, social gatherings, cocktail receptions, group dinners, and other events.

Alcântara Café

Considered an important part of the city's heritage, the long-standing restaurant Alcântara Café is a mythical and timeless venue with a stunning originality that differentiates itself from all the others. Nowadays, known as Alcântara Espaço, it is an exclusive venue for many private events. Installed in an old warehouse, this restaurant/bar has kept its industrial architecture, with its iron beams and great windows. Typical of the 1920’s, Alcântara Café combines neo-classical architecture with industrial features, enabling guests to relive the scientific fiction of the 20th century along with the Nautilus of Julius Verne.

Casa dos Penedos

Situated in the mysterious and bucolic region of Sintra, Casa dos Penedos is a 20th Century palatial mansion designed by the renowned Portuguese architect, Raul Lino. This emblematic construction traces back to romances and mythical tales of the past and is the ideal venue for those who opt to have a wedding day full of charm and good taste.