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Explore Oman's Past and Present from This Luxury Beachfront

From the moment of arrival at this secluded resort, when dates and coffee are presented in a gesture of welcome and the smell of frankincense wafts through the lobby, there is the profound sense of belonging to two worlds. There is the world of tradition, expressed in customs, cuisine and nearby attractions like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Then there is the world of today, which appears in the newly renovated design, the resort’s six glittering pools and luxury shopping in Muscat.

Experience the best of both at this beachfront hotel, where guests can swim or dive along the private beach, perfect their backhand through the resort’s tennis program and practice yoga in a private or group lesson. Or venture out to explore iconic attractions like the Muttrah Souk, the National Museum of Oman or Al Alam Palace, all located just 10 minutes away.