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The Balinese way of living can be found at every corner in Ubud as the local people still structure their lives according to traditional customs. Their spiritual devotion is evident all around, through arts and architecture, the carvings and offerings on the streets, Balinese dance performances every night, daily blessings to the gods, and an array of temple ceremonies.

Furthermore Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve is located amidst the gentle hills of Ubud along the Ayung River and offers intimate villa and suite accommodations reflecting the native Balinese culture. Secluded from the distractions of daily life, guests will relax the mind, body and soul by enjoying verdant rice paddies, meandering pathways, gently rolling hills and the soothing Ayung River.

In order to get closer to the local customs, the Balinese calendar is one of the most important elements for guests to know. Our luxury Ubud resort will also provide various activities throughout the calendar year for guests to experience true Balinese culture. “Full Moon and New Moon” festivities are part of the main celebrations, yet every day you will live up a different ceremony in Ubud.

Enjoy your stay in this Sanctuary and let us provide rich, meaningful memories that will last a lifetime through the renowned intuitive service of our Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ubud has long been considered a magical place, and for centuries it drew artists, backpackers and bohemians to its doorstep. While it is now the second-largest tourist destination in Bali, Ubud’s magic remains, found in the discovery of a hidden temple, the view from atop an active volcano or the mythological stories told through traditional Barong dance. Guests of Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve are nestled in the heart of this mesmerizing destination, where ancient stone carvings, scenic plantations and rich cultural traditions await exploration.