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Experience, feel and explore our adventure activities that allow you to experience the nature, culture, and traditions of Bali. Challenge your physical stamina and your determination as you choose any of the adventure activity below.

Sunrise at Mount Batur
6 hours
Enjoy an unforgettable sunrise at one of Bali’s sacred volcanoes, Mount Batur. Located on 1,717 meters above sea level with a hike approximately 2- 3 hours long, Mount Batur overlooks stunning sceneries. Unwind as the vibration of the sacred earth soothes your mind and soul over a rustic morning. Breakfast will be cooked by the steam of the active volcano. This moderate-to-strenuous climb is well suited for any trekking enthusiast ready for a challenge far from the crowds.

Exclusive Ayung River Journey
3 hours

Enhance your connection with mother earth while experiencing our private rafting journey. The journey begins with a countryside exploration with our classic Volkswagen 181 convertible before we take you to the rafting starting point. Explore hidden waterfall, tropical jungle and enjoy the sacred beauty of Ayung River. The rafting guide will help capture the intimate experience through their professional camera. The rafting journey will end at Mandapa’s private jetty.  

Kintamani Trekking
4 hours
A moderate-level of trekking, passing the lush greeneries of Batur with a picturesque view of the lake and the vegetable farm. This invigorating trek will allow you to learn about the traditional farming system as well as understanding the history of Hindu temples. The journey will conclude by visiting the hot spring that allows you to refresh your mind and body.

Trunyan Village Trek
6 hours
A trekking through the most sacred place in North of Bali, where the natives prepare the deceased and allow them to be naturally preserved by the ancient tree, Taru  Menyan, which is named after the village. Enjoy Mandapa signature picnic during the trek. 

Nungnung Waterfall
4 hours
Start your day by visiting one of Bali’s tallest waterfalls with an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Located in a small village of Nungnung, 40 kilometers north of Denpasar, the journey begins by going down to the river valley, tracing hilly rice fields and seeing the waterfall from up close.

Lempuyang Journey
4 hours
A combination of physical and spiritual journey. This activity will enrich you on how the Balinese people pray in the highest temple in East Bali, known as Lempuyang Temple, and also one of the nine most sacred temples in Bali Island. Enjoy the beautiful village scenery and the huge of Mount Agung along the way.

Penulisan Experiential Cycling
5 Hours
Start time: 4:30 a.m.
A combination of spiritual experience in the highest temple in Bali, “Pura Pucak Penulisan”. Enjoy the sunrise while cycling downhill, overlooking a beautiful countryside of Northern Bali. It includes an approximately of one hour-drive by car back and forth and three hours of cycling.

Kintamani Freewheel
4 hours
A refreshing trip by passing through a beautiful landscape of Batur caldera and cycling down the stunning countryside. It includes an approximately of one hour-drive by car back and forth and two hours of cycling.

Kampung Bali Cycling
3 hours
This activity will take guests to explore the Balinese village and to see the Balinese way of living through cycling. Enjoy the beautiful rice field view while riding down the village. It includes a fifteen-minute drive by car back and forth .

Ubud Tegalalang Cycling
3 hours
If you are looking for a magnificent rice field view and keen to learn about the traditional irrigation system, this would be the perfect choice. Enjoy a breathtaking Ceking rice terrace view during the whole cycling experience. It includes a twenty-minute drive by car back and forth .