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The rich culture of Bali permeates every aspect of daily life, art and architecture. These traditional influences reflect in almost every corner of Mandapa. Join our resident Balinese expert to explore some of the many traditions and offerings – learning their stories and significance. 

Grahastha Ritual
2 hours
Grahastha is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning “Time to Marry”, signifying a stage of the Balinese circle of life where one is ready to start a family. The ritual will start with a purification ceremony in front of the resort temple that aims to cleanse the body, mind and soul followed by a guided Balinese wedding ritual. This activity is also ideal for couples who wish to encompass their love journey while in Bali.

Balinese Ritual Lifestyle
2 hours
A spiritual experience; you will learn how to wear a traditional costume and to prepare a Balinese daily offering called Canang – and place it at the resort temple. A pranayama, meditation and Balinese prayer will finish this ritual.  

Flower Gebogan Making
2 hours  
Explore your creativity and discover your inner artist by making one of the most beautiful and colorful Balinese offerings called “Gebogan”. You will be guided on how to create this flower tower using indigenous locally grown fresh flowers and coconut leaves – beautifully arranged on a traditional Balinese wooden plate “Dulang”. Learn how to prepare this flower art in true Balinese way.