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Azure 45, the hotel’s acclaimed modern French restaurant, has opened its doors once again, showcasing a distinct new look following a major refurbishment.

Inspired by an “East meets West” design concept, the new restaurant has been transformed into an elegant haven of rich Japanese textiles, warm woods, washi wall panels and comfortable curved seating.

The décor may have changed but the Michelin-starred restaurant’s culinary offerings remain unwaveringly high quality: served up to guests is an exquisitely visual and creative take on modern French cuisine, as masterminded by Chef de Cuisine Shintaro Miyazaki.

And best of all, the mesmerizing views across Tokyo from its 45th floor vantage point – after which the restaurant is named – continue to take center stage.


Shintaro Miyazaki, Chef de Cuisine, Azure 45

Shintaro Miyazaki has acquired a longstanding reputation as the ultimate culinary craftsman. The chef trained at a leading cooking school in Japan before honing his skills and expertise further with several prestigious apprenticeships in France.

His exceptional skills were lauded widely in Japan when he led the culinary team at Tokyo’s Au Gout du Jour restaurant, successfully maintaining its Michelin star ranking for seven consecutive years.

Chef Miyazaki has been Chef de Cuisine at Azure 45 since 2014 and led the restaurant to gastro glory the following year when it was bestowed with a Michelin star.

His signature culinary style is contemporary French cuisine, fusing the simplicity of regional and seasonal ingredients from across Japan and beyond with unique creative flair and exquisite presentation.

Menu recommendations

Spring Vegetable Ravioli Served with Hamaguri Clam Jus:

This dish is designed to capture the essence of spring. A trio of ravioli a delicate shade of green, made from field mustard paste, are placed in a circle on a white dish, complemented by a sauce made from seasonal hamaguri (Japanese clams). The picture of springtime perfection is completed with hollowed-out croutons atop each piece of ravioli – plus a sprinkling of wild yellow citrus marigold flowers.

Roaster Pigeon de Racan

Pigeon and cabbage have long made perfect culinary partners. This signature dish comprises top quality pigeon breast roasted to perfection by Chef Miyazaki, served on top of a piece of praised cabbage. It is accompanied by a deep-fried marinated pigeon thigh, cleverly wrapped with shredded potato. And the finishing touch? An artfully decorative display of pickled red cabbage puree.