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Tables lined up along floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Tokyo in Hinokizaka with a chef working at the far end
Red tray bearing an artfully composed assortment of sushi and seafood
Japanese tea house with a screen wall, bamboo ceiling and a single dark, rectangular table close to the floor


Private Dining Room

Book your private event in our Private Dining Room, or participate in a culinary experience at our Chef's Table. For more information, please call +81-3-6434-8711


Hinokizaka welcomes you with the true essence of traditional, yet contemporary Japanese cuisine which is awarded the Michelin One Star for 2010, and the only Hotel Japanese restaurant to have earned this distinction.

Hinokizaka is also one of the best place to appreciate vista of Tokyo which is featured by four areas for each of Kaiseki, Sushi, Tempura and Teppanyaki. Each area has distinguishing design evoking the art of Japanese cuisine in a fine balance of modern Eastern and Western atmosphere. 

There is also private chef's table and an old Japanese tea house for private dining with breathtaking city scapes serving all of those featured Japanese cuisine. 

Seating: 92 
(Kaiseki 32, Sushi 12, Tempura 10, Teppanyaki 14, 
Private dining 8, 6 & 10) 

Reservation & Inquiries 
Phone: +81-3-6434-8711 
Restaurant Sales : 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily