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A brand new addition to The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo’s culinary credentials, La Boutique Chocolates & Pastries has opened its doors on the 45th floor.

Devoted to the sweeter things in life, the boutique showcases the exquisite contemporary creations handcrafted by the celebrated French Pastry Chef Jimmy Boulay.

Inspired by an innovative square theme, the restaurant showcases the chef’s signature cakes which take the bold contemporary form of a cubed shape, in a rainbow-bright range of hues. Inspired by a piece of fruit - from a strawberry to a peach – the cake flavors will change with the seasons, in true Japanese culinary style. Other highlights including an exquisite gateaux de voyage plus 12 different types of artisan chocolate pralines.

Cakes can either be ordered to go and packed in custom-crafted silver-lined black boxes – or savored along with a cup of coffee while seated in the atmospheric premises, a sleek modern space with black wall partitions and monochrome striped floors.

The boutique opens daily from 11am to 11pm, providing the perfect cake-and-coffee pit stop, regardless of the time of day.

Jimmy Boulay, Restaurant Pastry Chef, La Boutique

The list of Jimmy Boulay’s culinary experiences is as long as it is distinguished. Born in Le Mans, France, Chef Boulay spent years honing his pastry chef skills in a raft of high-profile establishments in Europe – from the two Michelin starred Pierre Gagnaire at Sketch restaurant in London.

He also learnt first-hand from the famed French pastry chef Cédric Grolet at Hotel le Meurice in Paris, for whom he worked as Sous Chef, in addition to several consulting
ventures for luxury pastry shops in the Middle East.

Chef Boulay was appointed Pastry Chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo in April 2017, after which he spent several months crafting an exquisite menu for the newly opened La
Boutique Chocolates & Pastries.

From clean-lined cube cakes to his colorful gateaux de voyage, Chef Boulay’s signature creations are contemporary, elegant, original, masterfully executed – and of course exquisitely tasty.


Menu recommendations

Cubed Cakes

Fruit-flavored cubed cakes steal the show here. The cakes – made in an array of seasonal fruit flavors, from strawberry to peach – are painstakingly fashioned into the most perfect cube shape. The inaugural creation is the Kiyomi Orange cubed cake: a white chocolate crisp case in a smooth orange hue, contains a complex medley of layers including almond biscuit slices, an orange compote, orange blossom water and at its heart, a basil mousse infused with orange zest. The gateaux de voyage follow a similar seasonal pattern, containing orange paste filling, lots of zest, Grand Marnier and sponge, surrounded by a crispy white chocolate with an almond nibs coating.

Artisan Chocolates

A range of 12 exquisitely handcrafted chocolates – also in a perfect square shape – are another highlight. With an unwavering focus on the high quality of the raw ingredients, the treats are crafted in-house using premium Valrhona chocolate from France, alongside creams from Japan. The end result is a selection of chocolates as intricately designed as they are deeply flavorsome. Some are dusted with real gold; others have a fruity edge, maybe a warm fusion of banana and rum or the distinct tang of a passion fruit compote. Each, however, looks unique – with different patterns, colors and textures transforming every single chocolate into a small but perfectly formed culinary work of art.