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The pastry team of The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo has created an exquisite shop and café featuring his handcrafted creations. Signature cakes are presented in a rainbow of hues and inspired by seasonal fruits in true Japanese culinary style. Chocolate pralines and a gateau de voyage are also among the offerings. Items can be enjoyed in the sleek space or beautifully packaged to gift or enjoy at home.

Daily 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Menu recommendations

A range of 6 homemade cakes – made in an array of seasonal fruit flavors, chocolates, and all-time favorite French pastry mille-feuille – are painstakingly fashioned into the most perfect cube shape.

A range of 12 exquisitely handcrafted chocolates – also in a perfect square shape – are another highlight. With an unwavering focus on the high quality of the raw ingredients, the treats are crafted in-house using premium Valrhona chocolate from France, alongside creams from Japan. The end result is a selection of chocolates as intricately designed as they are deeply flavorsome. Some are dusted with real gold; others have a fruity edge, maybe a warm fusion of banana and rum or the distinct tang of a passion fruit compote. Each, however, looks unique – with different patterns, colors and textures transforming every single chocolate into a small but perfectly formed culinary work of art.