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Akaushi prime rib from Kumamoto and fresh seasonal fish sourced from local fishermen, the menu includes a medley of seafood and chops, perfectly partnered with an expert selection of wine. Indulgence comes in the form of a weekend brunch and lunchtime dessert trolley. The eye-catching space features dark wood, leather seating and metallic sculptures.

Franckelie Laloum, Executive Sous Chef / Chef de Cuisine Towers

The French-born chef Franckelie Laloum had more than a decade of experience in mainly Michelin-starred restaurants under his belt when he joined The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo team in 2014.

The acclaimed establishments for which he has previously worked include the Shangri-La, Shanghai, where he was Chef de Cuisine, resulting in a string of awards. He is also formerly Chef de Cuisine at Maison Pic, a historic hotel and restaurant in Valence, France, and the founding Chef de Cuisine in the Hotel Mardan Palace, Aquamarine in Turkey.

Since joining the Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, he has masterminded an overhaul of the hotel’s culinary business strategies in addition to overseeing menu preparations and kitchen operations.

Chef Laloum also revels in sourcing and forging meaningful relations with some of the finest organic and sustainable farmers and food suppliers across Japan, from beef in Kumamoto to fruit jams in Nagano.

His latest role as Chef de Cuisine of Tower showcases his culinary talents at their very best, with his dishes showcasing the best of Japan’s fresh ingredients - the simplicity of the flavors often belying the complexity of the techniques used to create them.

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Menu recommendations

A highlight for visitors to the new Towers is likely to be the first class beef. Center stage is Akaushi, a red beef from Kumamoto in southern Japan. The meat was personally selected by Chef Laloum for Its lean and juicy qualities, which he believes have an affinity with meat flavors often seen in his native France. The chef has also masterminded a special sauce, designed to heighten the five-star qualities of the beef: a contemporary twist on the classic Béarnaise sauce, it contains a delectable mix
of tarragon, horseradish and mint.

With its intricately latticed pastry top design, the restaurant’s signature Poultry Pie is as likely to turn heads as it is to whet appetites. It contains a mix of seasonal poultry, with ingredients depending on the time of year – among them, Nagoya Cochin chicken, Kyoto duck, foie gras, chicken liver and pigeon. The pie is as complex to make as it is richly flavorsome:  the stuffing is made using three different techniques, with some ingredients blended, some mixed in a grinder and others hand-cut.

The end result is a warm and homely yet exquisitely crafted dish that is firmly rooted in traditional French cuisine.

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