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Nestled in the heart of mesmerizing Ubud, where ancient stone carvings, scenic plantations, and rich cultural traditions await exploration, Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve invites mini explorers to go on a learning adventure at Mandapa Camp. Tailored for children or the entire family to enjoy, activities at Mandapa Camp offers a chance to learn new skills, make new friends, and take part in a wide range of creative activities that encourage them to learn Balinese culture through arts, music and games. Mandapa Camp facility includes an organic garden, an enlightening bamboo hut that features a slide from the second to first floor and an educational farm where young explorers can tend to the resort’s cow, chickens, ducks, and more.  

Be “Mini Explorers” once more with our half day and full day program. Adults are encouraged to join in any program with their children, as an introductory experience to Mini Explorers. Children ages 5 and up may also join on their own.

A learning adventure inspired by nature, this full day program allows children or the whole family to dive into discovery, sustainability learning, and culture captivation. Inspiring meaningful journeys for the young experience collector, these Balinese-inspired daily life and nature-based activities capture the charm and cultural effervescence of Ubud, providing an immersive introduction into the destination.

8 hours

One child flies a Balinese kite and another writes on a chalkboard in the middle of an outdoor garden

Bringing to life the spirit of Ubud, ‘A Taste of Healing Traditions’ is a half day journey highlighting the destination’s most cherished traditions. Guests will start the morning off in a healthy way with morning yoga followed by discovering native Balinese plants and end with a Jamu Workshop where they will create their very own Balinese herbal drink. Originally made from Java, the drink contains ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and lemon grass – all beneficial to maintain children’s energy levels and their immune system.

4 hours

Start the day off right with an active Jungle Gym hike where you will discover unique cultural elements at our ‘Village’, to learning how to make beautiful Balinese offering called ‘canang sari’. Dive deep into an entirely new cultural tradition through Balinese traditional games, this is the perfect way for the whole family or just the children to have a fun and enriching experience.

2 hours 

Round out your day by participating in our nighttime traditions that are inspired by the typical ways of how Balinese families share the evening together. Learn how to make traditional Balinese arts and crafts and tour around our organic garden to discover the world of nocturnal floras and faunas. Experience a taste of eco-exploration and Bali’s vibrant local culture at Mandapa. To end the night, gather around a bonfire where you will be roasting marshmallows with your family.

6 hours