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Homa yajna – fire blessing ritual

60 Minutes

Homa Yajna is a Balinese sacred healing fire ceremony originating from the ancient Vedic texts. It is a process of purifying unwanted beliefs, habits or thought patterns to be transformed into more positive energy. This fire healing ritual is known to be effective in helping one let go of unwanted aspects in their lives and similarly, bring in and manifest new intentions and new life.

The ritual begins with meditation in the fire space, while listening to the ceremony priests as he rings the Balinese Bell and chants Sanskrit mantras to evoke the Devine and blessings of health and abundance. Following the lighting of the fire, you are invited to participate by making the offerings of grains, lentils and other foods into the fire.


60 Minutes

This traditional ceremony is derived from the Balinese word “Bayuh“ which means cleanse and purify. Conducted in our resort temple, this profound ceremony is intended to purify and reconnect with the divine energy within. All accumulated experiences and negative energies are released to bring in positivity to become a true joyful and conscious being. Lead by the resort Priest, experience a shift to create more ease in your body, mind and soul.