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In Bali, the concept of living in harmony based on ancient science philosophies and Balinese healing tradition play a very significant role. According to the ancient Sanskrit text – Upanishads, within these bodies, there are five different dimensions.Our physical body expands into more subtle layers of energy around our spiritual center. These five distinct bodies that surround our soul are called koshas or sheaths. Each kosha vibrates at different speeds, they interact and overlap with each other, ranging from gross to transcendental dimensions. This is the road map that ancient seers have left us to understand our journey back to wholeness, so that we can break free from all bondage.

Drawing inspiration from the rich local culture and incorporating Subtle Energies natural products, Mandapa Spa treatments blend authentic Balinese massage techniques and powerful ingredients to rejuvenate and replenish the body. From relaxing skin soothing rituals to stress-relieving massages, Mandapa Spa menu features natural healing traditions, bodywork therapies, and energy healing to provide guests with a deeply personal and sublime connection to body, mind, and spirit.

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