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Traditional Balinese Healing Touch

Bali is known for its rich culture, traditions and holistic healing. The unique healing distilled from the depths of ancient cultural practices. They are lovingly applied through the inner focus of each healer, sourcing the human beings’ innate positive abilities to align the integral forces of nature that provide the opportunities to self – healing. We have hand selected truly remarkable local healers to share their gifted talents that complement the mystique culture of Bali.

Ibu Ketut Mursi – Intuitive Blind Healer | 60/90 minutes

An extraordinary highly-skilled healer who has a gifted intuitive awareness and touch. During each individual session, she assesses and assists with emotional and physical issues and may make recommendations for appropriate herbs to treat various conditions. This may include Ketut’s family secret herbal oil blend that has been passed down from his grandfather, a Balinese healer. Accompanied by her assistant Ibu Kis, both of them work harmoniously to realign and release any blocked energy pattern through body work or reflexology. The session could take 60 mins or 90 mins depending on individual assessment. With translator assistance, she will provide suggestion related to health and well-being.

Pak Wayan – Panca Mayakosha Healing | 60/90 minutes

Pak Wayan was born and raised in the family that devoted the daily life into healing. Beginning with a prayer and meditation, he works to balance the five elements of the body to facilitate healing to Pancakosha – a five layer of being on the energy body that is the key to self-knowledge and absolute Truth. During the session, Wayan’s hands will pass over the body, responding to and clearing any unhealthy energy originating from the source of emotional and mental burdens and physical ailments.

Pak Putu – Wija Aksara Healing | 60 minutes

Based upon ancient Balinese script, the human body consists of sacred syllable or Wija Aksara located in certain part of the body. This sacred syllable symbolizes the universal vibration of peace and drives away all worldly thoughts, removes distraction and infuses new vigor in the body. The healing begins with reciting OM to purify the physical, Astral and Causal body. By placing his hand on and around the body, Energy flows from Putu's heart and hands transferring positive thoughts and love. Embrace the beauty of this sacred healing experience and induce deep sense of stillness. Sessions take place fully clothed on a massage table.

Ibu Ketut Bunterini – Healing hands | 60 minutes

A highly skilled therapist whose warm care extended through her loving touch. Her 20 years of experiences has been proven through her extraordinary technical and healing skill in body work. Through intuitive touch, she is able to attend to areas that need special care.


Pak Ketut - Pranic Acupuncture Healing | 75/120 minutes

This is a unique therapeutic experience that works with both subtle energetic system, and physical body. Ketut will begin with pranic healing to re-balance the aura and harmonize chi in the body to enable the life force flow more freely. Acupuncture will then release any energy blocks that show up physically in the body’s meridians by involving specific placement of small needles gently into the body. For the 2-hour session, Ketut will integrate his signature healing massage. His intuitive touch will soothe muscular tension and promote circulation to enable freedom and lightness.

Pak Kadek – Intuitive Healing | 60 minutes

Pak Kadek is an intuitive healer with an open heart. He starts with an aura scanning following a detailed map of physical and energy assessment. He will then advise what area to focus on and facilitate healing with his wisdom. You will leave with a deep feeling of balance and harmony. 

Pak Gede – Prana Healing Massage | 60 minutes

This vigorous full body massage focuses on correcting energy imbalances. He will start by performing a body scan to discover specific areas that need attention. With his intuition he will find reflexology points throughout the body and massage them with firm strokes. As a final touch, prana is channeled, creating an energetic shield to protect your aura. This treatment helps the body relax and rejuvenate itself by promoting improved circulation, mood, mental clarity and natural detoxification. It is also a welcomed boost for the immune system.
This is a deep healing treatment and involves very strong pressure.