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The Reserve Yogi

An Ubud native, Nanda was born into a prominent family of holy priests. His elders emphasized the healing touch of traditional Balinese massage and the theories of meditation-based raja yoga and service-focused karma yoga throughout his childhood.

During this time Nanda was also educated by Indian doctors in the use of medicinal oils and herbs and authentic Ayurvedic. This introduction inspired his first visit to the Sivananda Ashram Karala to mature his personal hatha yoga practice.

Through guided yoga postures, breath-work as well as manual manipulation of the fascia and connective tissue, Nanda is able to restore proper alignment, strengthen areas of weakness, improve flexibility, circulation, and range of motion.

The individual session will be specially designed to suit your personal requirements and level of prior yoga practice. A private class may be practiced at your Villa or at Yoga Pavilion at Mandapa Spa. Please allow one day’s notice for reserving this session.


Yoga is an eternal science representing the universal need to evolve and transcend all limitations. Ancient mystics and seers discovered a way of connecting to the source of life within us. Mandapa Spa continues this time-honored tradition by abiding by the rules and practices that integrates physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions equally.

Your body adopts a physical posture that is conducive to balance. Yoga Asanas align your body, improve posture, develop strength and motivation and refresh your mind. An Asana pose enhances your blood circulation which helps to remove the energy blockage, strengthen the lymphatic and immune system and eventually leads to youthfulness and well-being.

Restorative - 60 Minutes
As the name suggests, this group of asanas is extremely gentle and restorative but work hard at loosening and rotating all major joints in the body. In this class of subtle asana practice, you will experience the benefits of a series of anti-rheumatic exercises End the session with a short relaxation or meditation practice. Recommended for all level.

Dynamic - 60 Minutes
Dynamic practices involve asanas primarily and often energetic movements of the body. These are intended to increase flexibility, stimulate circulation and release energy blocks from different parts of your body. Feel a renewed energy infusing tranquility in your being. Bring your energized body to a state of calm with controlled breathing and a short relaxation session. Recommended for all level practitioner.

Sun Salutation - 60  Minutes
Bring out your inner radiance with this special ancient yoga sequence practice that pays tribute to the sun, a symbol of radiance and spiritual consciousness. An effective way to loosen up, stretch, massage, tone all the joints, muscles and internal organs of the body. A group of 12 dynamic asanas form the physical matrix around which the practice is woven. Wrap up this invigorating session with pranayama and short relaxation. Recommended for intermediate and advance practitioner.

Advance - 90 Minutes
Static, classic Postures (Asanas) will be performed to have a profound influence on your well-being. With the appropriate guidance of our teachers, intermediate and advanced practitioners can feel an enhanced level of awareness through the exploration of various Breath Control (Pranayama), Gestures of Energy Flow (Mudra) and Psychic Lock (Bandha) practices. The session comes to a close with a short relaxation practice.


Meditation refers to the state of mind where the body is consciously soothed and relaxed, while the mind is made calm and composed. Since ancient times, it is believed that meditation restores harmony, and rejuvenates and heals the mind, allowing it to release stress and fatigue. Meditation helps to remove the subtle mental barriers within ourselves and presents a better understanding of our personality, thought processes and our surroundings.

Yoga Nidra - Yogic relaxation - 60 Minutes
Psychic sleep for relaxation of the mind and body.
Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness where one flits between sleep and wakefulness. It is a state of inner awareness, wherein one communicates with the subconscious and the higher conscious. This practice relaxes the mind and the entire body through the awakening of the sense of hearing and feeling.

Chakra Meditation - 60 Minutes
Coming from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disc”, Chakra means a swirling wheel of energy that corresponds to the massive nerves in the body. There are seventh main chakras which align the spine: starting from the base of spine up to crown of head. Each chakra contains bundles of nerve and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual state of being. Since body, mind, soul and spirit are intimately connected, the awareness of an imbalance in one area will help bring the others back into balance. Travel to each single of Chakras and rebalance it.

Jagadhita Meditation -60 Minutes 
Also known as “happy” meditation; by using three sound energies (A,U,M) with combination of body movements and breathing techniques to balance all the emotions and improve self-awareness.

Trataka – Candle Gazing Meditation - 60 Minutes
Combinations of body movements, pranayama, Trataka and relaxation, that will relax, calm and induce stillness to the body and mind.


Experience a truly inspiring Yoga journey. Our well-respected Yoga swami, who has studied globally but hails and has settled in a small village outside Ubud, offers his signature Pranawayu style of yoga - inspired by Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Iyengar practices, to bring you a truly tailored experience, whatever your ability or knowledge. Held in our idyllic Yoga Pavilion overlooking the Ayung River and close to the Holy Temple, enjoy personal one-to-one, couple’s sessions or small group classes, with individual attention.

Morning Yoga - 8 a.m. daily
Afternoon Yoga - 4 p.m. daily
Purnama – Full moon ceremony
Tilem – New moon ceremony

*Complimentary yoga sessions available exclusively to guests staying at the hotel.

*For Purnama and Tilem Ceremony, we follow Balinese calendar. For more details, please contact Mandapa Spa reception team or your Patih for reserving the session.