Breathtaking Views of Manhattan
The Journey
Cities & Nightlife

Whether you’re traveling for business or to immerse yourself in the dynamic energy that only an urban destination can provide, you’ll find plenty worth exploring in these global cities.

Azimut Yacht Experience in Miami
North American Cities After Dark

Explore these iconic cities in U.S. and Canada by streetlight or moonlight.

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Asia’s Great Cities After Dark

Glamorous and chic, these cities throughout Asia boast cosmopolitan nightlife and incredible cultural experiences to keep you entertained until morning.

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6 Perfect 3-Day Weekends

A getaway doesn’t necessarily require weeks of downtime. These urban hot spots are brimming with cultural treasures and buzzy events worth building your next mini-vacation around.

Fiskebar's Nordic Experience
Lumen Bar - Ginger Snap Cocktail
Engage Your Senses

One of the best ways to experience a city is through your sense of taste — and The Ritz-Carlton’s dining and drinking destinations offer the perfect opportunity to get to know a destination’s cuisine.

Lapidus Bar
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