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Sports & Outdoors

Some destinations are all about the immersive activities you can do there. Explore our curated list of destinations where doing, being and experiencing are at the top of the itinerary. 

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The World’s Best Stargazing

Five of our favorite spots for astrotourism, and what to know before you go.

Saguaro cactus in the desert
Memories from America’s National Parks

Travel writers share their most magical moments exploring America’s great natural wonders.

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Adventure Awaits in the United Arab Emirates

Experience the wonders of The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, and Abu Dhabi.

Sisterhood of the Surf

Bali’s bountiful beaches and accessible breaks have been luring surfers — the majority of them men — since the 1930s. Today, a wave of female surfers has found its way to the Indonesian island, ushering in a whole new kind of swell.

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Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Play Like a Pro

Find your next golf getaway at The Ritz-Carlton, where greens unfold against breathtaking landscapes and course designs bear the imprint of the game’s most respected figures. From stunning coastal resorts to desert retreats, The Ritz-Carlton offers a collection of golf experiences that speak to players of every level.  

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Journey Farther