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Guided by the philosophy that food is a window to the world, culinary experiences at The Ritz-Carlton foster a sense of connection to local culture and cuisine. From Michelin-starred fine dining and world-class mixology to farm tours and chef-led cooking classes, these are the meals and moments you'll never forget.

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Lauded Chefs, Lavish Menus

Whether it’s an ingredient-led tasting menu in Dubai, a deep-dive into Nordic innovation in Geneva or classic French cuisine enlivened by Japanese sensibilities in Tokyo, the most Michelin-starred city, Ritz-Carlton menus are helmed by celebrated masters whose innovation is palpable on the plate.

Culinary Experiences

Impeccable technique. Impeccable ingredients. Impeccable design. Michelin has recognized 16 Ritz-Carlton restaurants as being among the best in the world — here’s a taste.

Savor the Details

There may be no better way to experience a new culture than through its cuisine. At The Ritz-Carlton, restaurants are gathering places for locals and travelers alike and epicurean traditions inspire a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Fiskebar's Nordic Experience
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The Art of the Cocktail

Imbibing at The Ritz-Carlton is a master class in crafting the perfect beverage. Our mixologists’ prowess behind the bar has earned us spots on myriad Best Bars in the World lists — join us for a drink and discover why.

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Little Negroni Cocktail
A Taste of
The Ritz-Carlton

Sometimes a dish or a drink is so remarkable, it becomes a memory all its own. Discover your next unforgettable culinary or mixology experience.

Journey Into
A World of Flavor

Discover food and cocktail recipes, restaurant recommendations, culinary events and what our own chefs are bringing to the table.

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Iconic Global Culinary Experiences

Dining experiences that stand out for delicious cuisine, exemplary service and spectacular settings etch a place in a person’s memory. Each of these experiences provide diners with a meal not soon forgotten.

The view from Atmosphere Rooftop Bar
Cocktails with a View

The Caribbean Sea and Shanghai skyline are brilliant on their own, but a drink in hand and good company transform these panoramas into magical experiences. Discover some of the best views from which to say “cheers” — whether at sea-level or 118 stories high.

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Meet the Man Behind the Michelin Stars

Renowned for his edible masterpieces, Sven Elverfeld explains how his rise to the top of the food world all started with scrambled eggs. 

Li Xuan - Tea Service
The Art of Tea

Complex and fragrant, tea has long been enjoyed for its elegant flavors, soothing qualities and healing benefits. Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world share their unique traditions for creating the perfect tea experience.

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European Culinary Journeys

Meet three chefs from across the continent who are drawing inspiration from neighboring countries, creating innovative epicurean experiences that celebrate the myriad cultures and cuisines of Europe.

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An Edible History of Sintra, Portugal

Palaces and castles, fairy-tale forests and dramatic cliffs: Those are the images that first come to people’s minds when they think of Sintra. But this otherworldly UNESCO-listed destination is slowly gaining recognition for another of its gems: rich gastronomy.

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