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Iconic Global Culinary Experiences
By Amiee White Beazley
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Dining experiences that stand out for delicious cuisine, exemplary service and spectacular settings etch a place in a person’s memory. Each of these experiences provide diners with a meal not soon forgotten.

Dining Beyond at Hong Island
Picnic at a blue lagoon

Cruise across the blue waters of Phulay Bay on a traditional long tail boat — brushed by warm breezes, with the smell of jasmine in the air — to Hong Island. There you can enjoy a signature picnic along a hidden lagoon. In the Thai language, the translation of the island’s name is “the island with the room,” thanks to the stunning natural feature located in its center.

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Dine on the dunes

Surrounded by the Al Hajar Mountains and the Arabian Gulf, Ras Al Khaimah is known for its natural beauty. The Tower offers the essence of traditional outdoor desert dining in a private, luxurious setting. Or be surrounded by the golden sands of the Ras Al Khaimah desert for Dining on the Dunes, where the hospitality, cuisine and home of the Bedouin people are on full display.

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Enjoy a cozy, lakeside feast

Lake time means seclusion from the city, and for couples looking for even more of a retreat, a private three-course meal at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee brings fine dining to the most tranquil of atmospheres. Take a seat in our Adirondack chairs lakeside and begin the evening with a champagne toast. As night descends, stay warm by your personal chimenea bonfire (and great wine).

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Revel in a romantic dinner along the river

Just steps away from the Ayung River, bask in the glow of the moonlit sky of Bali and savor a six-course tasting menu that showcases the finest of Bali’s fresh produce and is handcrafted by the culinary team at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. Your personal host for the evening will take care of all the details as you breathe in the fresh scent of rose petals that surround your table.

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