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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, adheres to high ethical and uncompromising legal standards. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Marriott International Inc., our Code of Business Ethics provides managers and employees with detailed guidance on the right way to conduct business. Our business ethics training program, “How We Do Business Is As Important As The Business We Do,” is a required part of orientation for employees, and includes our commitment to human rights.

Principles of Responsible Business

We believe that our success as a global hospitality company is grounded in our purpose, values, and conduct demonstrated each day through our world-class service, ethical business practices, commitment to our employees, support for our communities, and our culture. We demonstrate our purpose, values and principles of responsible business through policies on employment, human rights, environment, supply chain, and in the conduct we uphold and expect of others.

Commitment to Human Rights

We support and respect the protection of human rights within the company’s sphere of influence and strive to conduct our business operations accordingly. This includes standing against such tragedies as human trafficking and the exploitation of children. We do not recruit child labor and strongly supports the elimination of such practices. We also support laws enacted to prevent and punish the crime of sexual exploitation of children and works to raise awareness concerning such crimes.

Since 2006, we have published our Human Rights Policy Statement and communicated it to our employees. The policy aligns with government, business, and public concern about tackling these issues. We also have training on human rights, including the protection of children, for all employees worldwide.

Ethical and Legal Standards

Corporate ethics is a key part of day to day business at our hotels. Our Business Conduct Guide advises our managers and employees on laws relating to antitrust, unfair competition, political contributions, abuse of purchasing power, commercial and political bribery, and more.

Our business ethics training program reinforces the importance of corporate values and ethical responsibility to the continued success of the travel and tourism industry. Marriott’s Internal Audit Department conducts an annual Legal and Ethical Conduct survey of a broad cross section of associates, including all officers and senior managers, to determine compliance with the company’s Ethical Conduct policy.

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