Private Yacht Ocean Maui
The Journey

Every couple is unique. Whether your dream is yachting the open seas, scanning solitary mountain vistas, immersing yourself in spa experiences, or taking in the bustling nightlife – together – let our experts offer tips for romantic getaways in singular locales.

Couple enjoying tea by a window overlooking a lake
Dreamy Countryside Getaways

If you’re stressed and disconnected, a rural retreat just may be the perfect salve for you and your partner. Head to a hotel or resort that’s charmingly rural to unwind, unplug and reconnect.

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Cocktails Paired with Extraordinary Views

The Shanghai skyline and Caribbean Sea are brilliant on their own but are even better with a drink in hand and romance in the air. Discover some of the best views from which to say “cheers” — whether at sea-level or 118 stories high.

A woman standing on a balcony, enjoying the city view and a scenic sunset.
In Search of the World’s Best Sunsets

Cinematographers call it the “magic hour”: It’s that special time of the day when the sun nears the horizon, and the sky is painted in vivid pink and soft orange. Discover some of the best spots in the world to witness a gorgeous sunset before the night sky takes over.

Just for Two
Romantic Getaways

Whether celebrating a milestone anniversary or escaping on an impromptu weekend jaunt, these romantic destinations offer unforgettable experiences, from intimate beachfront dining to desert stargazing and beyond.

Couple enjoying bonfire on the beach.
Couple enjoying bonfire near the beach.
Spectacular Suites
Mexico & the Caribbean

A hotel should be so much more than simply a place to lay your head at night. From private beaches to personal gyms, these suites offer some of the most unique amenities for guests of The Ritz-Carlton.

That Take You Farther