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Ritz Kids

Kids approach the world with their eyes wide open — and when they’re exposed to a new place, that gaze is even wider. At The Ritz-Carlton, we relish introducing our youngest guests to the world around them, and take every effort to inspire and engage them.

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Adventure awaits around every corner with Ritz Kids®, a program specially designed to bring our unique destinations to life with locally inspired environmental and cultural experiences. Through hands-on cooking classes, kid-sized afternoon teas, nature exploration, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, and more, kids engage with the destination — and with each other.

The fun doesn’t end when the activities wrap for the day, however. With menus tailored to kids’ tastes, destination-themed activity books, playgrounds, family pools and in-room “camping” experiences, the exploration lasts from morning to night — and from check-in to check-out.

Ritz Kids programming will vary by property. Visit the hotel website or contact the property to learn more.

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Meet Leo the Lion, our Ritz Kids mascot, who will accompany our young guests on their adventures around the world. Designed for ages 4-12, Ritz Kids is carefully created to inspire meaningful connections with the local environment and culture.

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Our programs emphasize the importance of the natural world, including the sea, land and sky. Young adventurers will immerse themselves in nature through activities like forest hikes, tidal pool exploration, whale-watching and more.

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We encourage the discovery of amazing places and attractions, especially near the hotel. Kids will bond themselves with our destinations — and with each other — by exploring the unknown together.

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Ritz Kids programs promote global citizenship through an emphasis on mindful interactions with all people and places. Education is at the heart of all we do — we want kids to truly understanding and respect a place and its traditions.

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We invite our young guests to experience a variety of art forms including music, theater, fine art and cuisine. These experiences allow for meaningful connections to take root and continue growing, even after check-out.

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