120 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06124 Korea
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Explore a city of both remarkable history and stunning modern skyscrapers. Seoul is among the most digitally connected, progressive cities in Asia. The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul is the perfect place to discover all that Korea has to offer.


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Gyeongbok Palace
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10.8 km / 35 minutes by car
82-2-3700-3900 / website
It was in 1395, three years after the Joseon Dynasty was founded, when the construction of the main royal palace was completed. This palace, named Gyeongbokgung (“Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven”) eventually formed a massive complex housing 330 buildings with 5,792 rooms becoming a symbol of majesty for both the Korean nation and the seat of the Korean royal family.

From 1911 the Japanese government systemically demolished all but 10 buildings during its occupation and ultimately constructed the Japanese General Government Building for the Governor-General of Korea in front of the throne hall in order to eradicate the symbolic power and heritage of the the Joseon Dynasty.

By the end of 2009, approximately 40 percent of the buildings were reconstructed. The complex also houses the National Folk Museum of Korea and the National Palace Museum of Korea making it a must stop on any visit to Korea.
KOUS (Korea Cultural House)
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3.9 km / 15 minutes by car
82-2-567-6061 / Website
Subway line 2, Samseong Station, Exit #4.
You can enjoy and develop your understanding of traditional Korean culture at KOUS. Experience the impressive variety Korean culture has to offer: a performance area for music and dance, an arts school featuring teaching artists, an authentic teahouse and a cultural products exhibit. There is also an opportunity for hands-on cultural experience too.

Bongeunsa Temple
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4.2 km / 15 minutes by car
82-2-545-1448 / website
Bongeunsa – located in the midst of busy and ultra-modern Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu – offers a place of quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The temple is a major center for the Seon (Zen) sect of Buddhism, which focuses on meditation. Bongeunsa remains a beautiful, interesting and comfortable cultural center for all Korean people, as well as for visiting foreigners.
Cheonggye Stream
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8.8 km / 30 minutes by car
82-2-2290-6114 / website
Flowing through central Seoul, Cheonggye Stream, once buried under the city’s busiest street, has been transformed into one of the most attractive tourist spots in Seoul. Museums, palaces, outdoor cafes and restaurants attract visitors and residents alike. Cheonggye is crossed by twenty-two bridges, each possessing its own unique design and meaning.
Korea Exhibition Center (COEX) & World Trade Center
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3.4 km / 15 minutes by car
82-2-6000-0114 /  Website
COEX has earned credit as the best convention and exhibition center in Korea following the successful hosting of numerous cultural and arts events. COEX has 12 exhibition halls and 61 conference rooms with the largest accommodating 7000 people. The COEX Mall and COEX Art Hall add to the versatility of the Center by offering space for artistic and cultural events.


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8.9 km / 30 minutes by car
A neighborhood in the heart of Seoul, at one time Insa-dong was the largest market for antiques and artworks in Korea. After the end of the Korean War, the area became the heart of South Korea’s artistic and cafe life. Currently it contains a mixture of the historical—with its upscale galleries and authentic tea shops—and the modern. Tourists enjoy visiting Tongmungwan, the oldest bookstore in Seoul, and Kyung-in Art Gallery, the oldest tea house where they experience a taste of what the 600 year old capital was once like.
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8.8 km / 30 minutes by car

One of Korea’s trendiest shopping areas, Myeong-dong is home to shops selling clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and cosmetics. A center for financial services companies and investment firms, the numerous restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and night clubs attract a vibrant crowd. It is also the site of Myeong-dong Catheral, the oldest cathedral in Korea. Not surprisingly, the cost of floorspace here is the ninth highest in the world.
Apgujeong ~ Rodeo Street
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3.5 km / 20 minutes by car
Often called the Beverly Hills of Seoul, Apgujeong-dong boasts a bevy of brand-name boutiques, cool bars, chic cafes and elegant emporia. Stretching from the Hyundai Department Store to the Galleria, the younger generations of Seoul flock to this fashion-conscious haven of hip and happening hot spots. By day, Apgujeong is crowded with bright young things meeting for a bite to eat, a cup of bubble tea or to catch an afternoon movie. By night the dazzling streetlights make this quarter even livelier!
Cheongdam Fashion Street
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4.1 km/ 20 minutes by car
Cheongdam is home to Seoul’s upscale social set. Known to Koreans as 'The Fashion Street' for its designer boutiques and 'Yuppie Street' in tribute to youthful and wealthy that reside there, Cheongdam-dong's streets are filled with first-class restaurants, sublime cafes, the trendiest of bars, fancy furniture shops and beautiful art galleries.
Shinsa Garosugil
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2.5 km / 12 minutes by car
Garosugil’s has cozy restaurants, cafés and stores. Especially there is some cafés that serves good dessert, and there are some famous fusion style Korean desserts. These places offer some fusion style dessert so it would be good chance for people to try Korean and Eastern style food together. Also, there are famous brunch restaurants, Korean food restaurants and bars in Garosugil. Some Garosugil bars have live music so who prefers to listen live music it will be good choice to visit Garosugil. It is a good place to spend times with people that there are galleries which you can enjoy art and for fashion there are boutiques. After spending time in these places you can join foods and drinks in this cozy area. In Garosugil many companies held pop-up store so there are some events that people can enjoy. There are Latin dance club in Garosugil so many people think this area is exotic road too.

The shops of famous fashion brands line the streets of this trendy neighborhood. Shop here for elegant clothes, shoes, and accessories.
Itaewon Shopping District
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5.4 km / 25 minutes by car
Itaewon is the city’s shopping haven by day and entertainment mecca by night. As the first Special District for Tourism designated by the city of Seoul in 1997, Itaewon remains a dynamic “fusion” area where the best from the world and Korea come together. Look especially for leather goods with more than moderate price tags.