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The array of experiences found across Malaysia is reflected in the contrast of serenity and city, nature and man. In the vibrant capital of Kuala Lumpur, traditional cuisine is paired with live music, and ancient healing practices are enhanced with local, natural ingredients. In Langkawi, a 10-million-year-old rainforest set against the blue sea allows nature to blend with modern luxuries, from outdoor yoga to rooftop cocktails.

  • Kuala Lumpur

    Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Experience The sights, sounds and flavors of Malaysia’s capital city

    • Some of the largest suites found in the city
    • Escape to a tropical outdoor oasis at the tranquil spa
    • Award-winning Cantonese restaurant, Li Yen
  • Langkawi

    Location Langkawi, Malaysia

    Experience Rainforest retreat overlooking the sea

    • Island’s only overwater spa
    • Beachfront, vitality and adults-only infinity pools
    • Batik painting, wildlife photography and other activities

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